Thursday, August 07, 2008

dark side of the moon

never ever do you ask a simple question:
What are you doing here?

I did a couple of minutes because I was woken up by Roger Water's in one of the documentaries I was watching a few mins back...he says 
"I suddenly realized then that year...that life was already happening.
I think it was because my mother was so obsessed with education...and the idea that childhood and adolescence...was about preparing for a life that was going to start later.
I realized that life wasn't going to start later...that it starts at dot and it happens all the time...and that at any point you can grasp the reins...and start guiding
your own destiny...and that was a big revelation to me."

It is true.What the fuck are you doing here....if you want to bask in the false sense of self enlightenmnet and claim that you better very well be dead.
I feel stupid and befooled at times upon myself...why cant I see what i should see.....what cant i do what i should have done eons back....why cant i listen to my songs late at night without wondering when to get up....and why cant i think?

You wish you wish you wish.....thats it.
Just leave it all behind and walk free...because then you would not be lying to would genuinely and honestly be LOST in why not be truly lost in all its senses.Drown your mobile,burn your cash,scrap your plastic(so tru....plastic!) and ya.....say your boss...fuck you....and ya I did see "Into the wild" and ya it is indeed plagiarism!!

I am in my 27th year of existence...breathing and living on set lines...treaded by many people....and I am sure,I could not help my life...forget about helping others.
make music...make someone cry or laugh....make some one get lost.....isn't that great.Leave behind something more than a bank balance,home and a car.
Or even better.....don't leave behind anything.

"That's not to say that the potential for the sun to shine doesn't exist.
Walk down the path towards the light rather than walking to the darkness.
There is no dark sidein the moon really.
Matter of fact it's all dark."