Friday, January 14, 2005


Well its 4 in the evening of first of Jan 2005 and I am still in my party fatigues of last night. I can still smell the smoke of last night’s bon fire in my Sarojini’s PEPE sweat shirt.

Me in my room and on my PC and all else are sleeping…except the obvious exceptions Harjai and Suneja. Mean they are chatting to Apurva yaar………..but the catch is --at the same time. Was pulled into penning some words as I enjoyed commenting on the pics taken last night….as you have already or will see it.

Actually it all started by the astronomical weightage we seem to attach to New Year celebrations and almost a religion now: Go to a happening party that night or you are doubted of your manhood and womanizing prowess!! .And since the hard fact about parties was that it was only for couples….we read it as “Single Dogs Not Allowed” that certainly should not make you conclude that all of us are single. It’s about us not being at the right time right place. We always comfort ourselves by the self elevating egoist remark…”We are like this only”. Hence we were left on our own, the 8 of us.

We the residents of B block were feeling like shit pots when we have contrasts as Padam and Mudit who are dancing there balls away with there girl friends (not sure about Mudit though….mean which one it is ),we started by searching for “Single Dogs Allowed” parties in the city and need we mention we met a wall. Then we took to news papers which tell you to go to all the places near your city which the reporters themselves have never been to. But in this case they were right for a change….thanks Vir Sanghvi.

So after a lot of brain storming sessions and a few local calls being made by our POOL phone (that pissed Gb a hell lot, cauz he was “working” online) we decided the place….DAMDAMA lake will be it. It shall be the host to probably the last few eligible bachelors in Delhi looking for a break from Dj parties of Delhi circuit.

We wanted a bit of adventure and I egged all of them towards it…Kamra was also in this trekking idea and I was pleased to have his consent and support. So it was zeroed on 30th itself……and we all slept that night with a lot off ideas in out heads. We were supposed to sleep early as we were supposed to leave at 9 in the morning which is, by our standards, equivalent to making a clock chime 12 times at 1’o clock. but all plans to sleep early, around 1-2 am were grounded by a kind surprise visit by Apoorv at around 1.30 and a loud and discordenned rendition of “ bheegey hont tere” by Bhau at 5 in the morning right out side my door.

Up the earliest I felt like I was the only bloke up at 9.15.anyways I pulled my ass out of the bed, knocked KADDU”S DEN and stroked it violently a couple of times .the door opened as if a monster will step out and eat me alive for my cumulative sins till date. But nothing happened.Kaduu hit the sack back! Least bothered it seemed to me .Then woke up Gb n Harjai .They were up … took some time though…(had to switch on Harjai’s fan at full speed to get his lazy bum up and had to bleed my temple beating the forbidden doors of B-106…the online laboratory of Prof.Gaurav Batra.)

The B block up and kicking we all started to prepare for the unplanned trip. we had no idea where was DAMDAMA (sounds like a adivasi goddess of extreme sexual capabilities to me)lake or what facilities it had (we had a laugh on that front…..had to buy 300 ml COKE @Rs.18/-…….we knew carbonated drinks are bad for health, but pocket too was a new discovery!!!)Apoorv and kamra were in time (just an hour late).We all packed our zest and singledom in our bags and started the trip.

It is a known fact that Kaddu and his car are the 2 most ill maintained machines in the Milky Way. And we got a glimpse of it as soon as we drove a few paces down the highway. Smoke was coming out of RJ 14(let me show that Jaipur connection)…and we choked to a halt at a pump on NH8.Kaddu seemed as cold as a fish as he is never surprised by what his car and I put him into every time. We all shelved our plans for a while. Smoking was a ritual with Bhau and Kaddu, it became a life threatening stint to smoke right out side the pump. They went ahead and obviously heard a volley of profanities from the now transformed Apoorv (finally its his day).

The car was up in quarter hour and we all rolled again just to realize that the same problem has cropped up beneath the yellow hood of Apoorv’s car. He was dead in his face as you it was Anoop uncles car (uncle is just for the record sake….else its Anoop only).

We stopped both the vehicled again, at a auto shop and fixed both of was 2.30 already, the time we had planned to reach the shores of the lake and bask in the winter sun…..the sun seemed a distant dream now).we drove easily still (hats off to Apoorv’s coolness) and got blessed by the lord Bacchus midway .we stocked enough as not see the morning sun.

It was a smooth and cooling drive. We pulled of for a photo shoot midway, appreciated the rural beauty which is so rare in Delhi….and of all soaked in the serenity that surrounded us. It was relaxing. Reached the resort….a government owned …though they were better than private resorts. For once India seemed to be disinfected from babudom.I and Suneja started the taking care of the logistics……we kind of enjoy doing it…otherwise we would have been a party to Kaddu’s barrage of self effacing remarks which all love to hate.

Got a tent-6 by 10 ft-imported –and cool looking for a grand. Pitched it a bit far from the party location of the resort as we people when drunk can be a threat to the flora and fauna around us. We didn’t want someone else being forced to listen to the loud and stirringly personal remarks-a la Asharam Bapuji session from apoorv.bhau kudu n Gb never seemed to run out off the smoke…it was burning al the time as a agarbatti for damdami mata.

Then we went on the more pariwar like fun time-Boating it was for half an hour but it seemed like a year cauz all were busy soaking in the coolness around. It was great to pedal with friends….sorry….friends who matter...(miss Padam n Mudit).we had a photsession there too as we had a narcissus among us …GB.he loves being clicked…and yes he looks damn cool and a hunk in pics as you cant hear him..(Being honest he has the cuts n looks….that’s enough. if he reads it he will be on a ego trip…as he puts it “Stud Mode” would be on). Kaddu and Apoorv didn’t move a stone, Kamra n GB were sweating there asses wet in the chilly evening. in all it was damn ”cool” and we all had rather learning experience….that its better to be with the ones with whom you can be yourself whenever n wherever.

Back from the marine experience, we raided the BAR. It was an in-tent arrangement….looked over by Apoorv, GB and Kaddu. The tent was warm and cozy and not a stream of breeze could get it. Hence we feared for our lives just thinking about the biohazards Kaddu might put up………rather blow up. Thank god he took a shower after a week …….obviously after consulting his mom and brother. and also in our ammo were Kamra and Apoorv. Kamra and Apoorv are no short of nukes of stench in themselves. let the laces undone and you have a disorienting nauseating familiar(obviously familiar….they have proved themselves many a times ) aroma that makes you feel like a dinosaur who had just finished his lunch of cockroaches. Surprisingly all three of them, reliving enough, refrained from creating a warlike situation. They came clean!

So it was all set…a 60 grand imported tent,3 full bottles of the divine fluid which kind off makes you eccentric(only if consumed our way. moderation has no place!),cozy interiors thanx to a helper with the name of Ashok Kumar and obviously the best and the appropriate company. We first had our tit bits just to fill our stomachs with anything that’s edible. But dare I call it tit bits. it cost us some 600 odd bucks n we paid from our nose. They charged a SINGLE (catch the word…) slice of bread at a heavenly Rs. 4!.Never in our life had we had such a princely evening tea. By the way it was costly but fun. Mean we never spend like this….every time it’s Raju Pankaj and there poor pj’s as masala, with there mom breathing down your shoulder if u even dare to take a matchbox from the neighboring shop. With our stomachs full of Darjeeling tea ,Swiss bread and Mozella cheese….(see the perspective matters….it’s all so reasonably priced. See, I try so hard to justify extravagance.)…we headed straight to tent to finally get sloshed. And we got in a mater of hour.

We were all enjoying the candle lit booze party with Harjai being the only sober creature inside. he must have said to himself,” boy what a bunch of rascals they are….they dint even get me a juice bottle!”. Seriously, sorry for that. He deserved a kick instead. Expectations…..that’s a no-no in our group and if u haven’t learned it the easy way…try asking GB a single strand of his prematurely broken hair! You’ll be awarded nothing short of a slap on your face…but only we can savor the slap. Its not like that actually. Thanks for listening to the exaggeration.

Then a bright idea struck Apoorv(what a rare moment…Kodak moment!)….he proposed to play this silly game. we played ..i still cant remember the name…errrrrrrr right 1 2 ladoo. its a common game with the kids who have just learnt the table of 4 and for us I guess it was apt due to our performance in CAT. any way, for a mammoth change, all agreed and played with indulgence. i loved how Kaddu didn’t interrupt even a sec and calmly played as a white polar bear who just has had the best sardines of his life. it was fun n soon the game was changed by me even though I won the ladoo thing.(forget it I had 93 % in CAT…any thing else).

The new order was of Truth n Dare. Since all of us were down I mean high, n Mother Nature forbade us from stepping out, it was only truths. Bare truth. The bottle danced on the huge metal plate which we used it as candle stand and one by one all of us had a chance to bring out darkest kept secrets of ours (I am saying as if we had any ...ha ha ha ).But the obvious Harjai did it again n threw the most suited question of the entire game to the prefect man …the question was :”what do u like and dislike in each one of us?”. Kamra was happy to answer as he knew he would be heard, and we all dint let him down. We had a few precious minutes of alacrity and flashes of insights into Kamra’s “spectacle-ular” view –point. it was good to say the least. But soon the mood changed….and again Bhau was at his best. Having gulped down right amounts, read sober, we headed out of the confines.

The obvious followed. Around at 10 we got in the all American (guess u get the pun….dollars in there dude) restaurant that the Haryana tourism had painstakingly renovated for us. Thanx to Devi. OK DEVI LAL I mean…have got in a habit cant help it.

The restaurant was empty as Siberia in winter and we were the only polar bears. A few black ones too, including me. We waited for the eskimo waiters and in desperation took to dancing instead. i blared the music system which was any day better than my 4.1 and we all started the divine dance of youth(read deprived of sex, girls and seriousness)..lustful energetic naughty and yeah very WILD.

Sweat still not off our chins, dinner was served (thanks to Kaddu who ordered the food while we were busy shaking our koolha….guess he knows it best!)we munched like soldiers who make love to their wives, just back from a 20 yr jail term…(given they were jailed at a young age..).We had it all chicken, tandoori roti and paneer for the lesser mortal Suneja only. Need I say we had faint memory of it due to the Alcohol which was present in generous amount in our veins. The savoring lasted as long as the gravy was on our tongues.

Done in an hour, we took to our tents….first it was planned to get the bon fire lit. So we reminded the watchman of his promise and asked him to light the fire. To our holed pockets we realized, he wanted a generous 500 for that silly job which any lady of India shall do it with pride and dexterity .I mean; get a grip old man, but thanks any way. We planned to do it ourselves and we were all pepped up bout it. Apoorv not very happy …(that’s the case when he is high),Kaddu had no clue as to how did a wild fire looked like and GB waited to get it the process only if there are no volunteers. But we did have Bhau. Me and him and the almost gay couple Harjai and Suneja, took to the job and with help from Nigger , got it lit n shining bright in mins. Man it was hot, hotter than a normal fire cauz it had out labor and expectations. it was supposed to make us a happy lot and be the reason. See the pics .The pic “the reason”

its all about setting the ball in motion and in this case we had no shortage of balls. Of a total 16, 14 were rolling and sloshed, and 2 for the mighty COW. Harjai will kill me! No sooner than did the fire burned, all the engineers we up on their assess and dancing again .we all had a blast (literally with a timely explosion of a sssssutli bomb (that’s the way we say it……sandwich your tongue between the front pair of teeth and blow out air with all the S’s), it was like the missing link for a perfect celebration).the music was loud from the Anoop’s new car stereo and for once Apoorv didn’t bother how loud it got. it was great and thankfully the FM stations did a good job that night. Rightly we all closed the jiving session by a last and heavy dose of Pink Floyd. Even David Gilmour would have put on his dancing shoes seeing us an hour ago! Actually dancing is not exactly what we do best, but we do it with the flair that can’t be traced in any pub of Delhi. Shaking our undisciplined assess around was more fun than showing claustrophobic movements in some shady bar of NCR amidst the dumbest minds possible!

So we danced, danced and danced. And it soon struck 12.we counted down…and on 0 we were all screaming and hugged each other. Those were the moments for which I wished, just froze in time but you see I don’t have a good rapport with GOD, hence it dint freeze .any way, it was a great feeling. I know I soak in things a bit fast and more than my peers, but I knew that all were trying to follow suite and were close. That’s what makes you comfy in even dark places. All of us just settled down, like the lull after the storm.

The Floyd songs were the perfect ending and we pulled down the curtain of our Swiss tent. We all cozened in the 6 by 10 tent like cubs fighting for the bitches parallel port type udders. And the great gamblers were waiting to deal the cards and it was all to be inside our palatial tent.

All of us stepped in with cash and for a change GB did it without much of hanky panky (guess a New Year resolution which might be close to a revolution for all of us!).

The cards were dealt with a quick revision of the rules for the less initiated…and it was raining coins. What a moment it was, we all playing cards in candle lit tent on a chilly winter night. When I sit back and take a panoramic view, I am awed by the beauty of the moment…rather moments. We all played with everything we had. Harjai was the first to doze off. Guess so cauz he didn’t have the alcohol in his blood. See the side effects of not drinking……..egregiously infamous is booze. Then Apoorv followed, he better he needed to drive us back home. Rest all stayed up until the wee hours of 1st morning. The winner was none other than Dhanna Seth…(bet u find a better name).and I lost I don’t know how much cauz I dint keep a tab-money was not the purpose. Same was true with all. We started getting out one by one and hit the double beds that were for each of us with Korean blankets. it was great. the postures were intricate, bums next to cheeks, elbows on balls and socks as close to noses as Shoaib Akhtar’s delivery to Sachin. it dint matter, we were not in a mood and capacity to tell the difference between me and Harjai anyway …….read black or white.

I was up the earliest and let me show it off. Goes of to prove that I can be up even after drinking 3 pints of coke n rum. So soon Suneja was up as if he got to catch a train. See the pic named” yaar hostel chalo!”)it gives the right mood n feel. In a flash all were up n kicking. it was 1-30 noon and we all closed the show .finally Ashok Kumar was back to wrap up the tent and take away all the shit we had left behind. But let me tell, we indeed were good guests. Go ask them. Apoorv n Kaddu took to the steering n this time apoorv drove fast. We took a pit stop on NH8 and pampered us with some good tea. Bhau’s idea need .He craves for it .the only good reason for his black eye bags n Kaddu’s nocturnal shift in lifestyle. Any way for once he craved for caffeine at the right time at the right place. We headed back to the highway towards Delhi, our home.

To sum it up, we all missed Padam and Mudit……..(actually jealous in polite terms! But we love taking the upper hand)….and we had a time together that was much overwhelming than the dog-fights in BH1.I will run short of superlatives if I get into it. so we all are looking forward to the Manali which starts on the 3rd of Jan just 2 days from now.

God bless.


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