Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sorry Mr.Bakul Dholakia

7 :30
p.m.Saturday and almost 20 hrs to the last MBA exam(FMS) I am taking this year. More appropriately ,the last exam I am “writing “ this year! cauz u c there is a basic difference.

Taking an exam means voluntary disclosure of the skill set u have in competition with the lakhs who have prepared along with u ,n writing simply means a bull n cart arrangement where u simply get dragged n sit like a moron staring at your watch. the latter happens to be the choice for the year.

I am sorry. To say the least .But couldn’t have done it any better. we all had been preparing (let me drag my friends in it too….dilutes the sin on my part.) for the Cat n all that shit that comes bundled with the hysteria- for almost an year now.and results were not upto the mark…(just a modest way of putting it …actually we all deserve a certificate of “innocent dorks who are confused what to do with there lives”.)

No one took it seriously, mean as seriously as it should have been taken. I own up. and have convinced my self that’s chill out this year, we shall see in the coming winters again. so be it n am laying my CAT senses to rest as of now.

Best of luck Kamra n Dabbas. Hope to be your juniors soon.

I gotta go now, join the counter strike LAN match. Stick together team….
the only command that holds true no matter when or where we end up as.

(For the uninitiated-the person addressed to in the subject :Mr.Dholakia is the CEO of IIM-A.yes CEO as i would call him...cauz IIM's r nothing more than factories turning ambitions to green currency.Give and Take.)


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