Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Give me a break!

Broad dark mane like moustache
Manhood must be shy
Hails from Maharashtra
Can’t even pronounce Thy.

90 days here from
We would be in cubicles
Staring at blue screens
We know we will strive
We know we will survive.

But sitting here in Room NO 117 ICE Block
Writing down whatever his traps utter
I feel like a moron
To be even present here
Like an ass to be surrounded
By these few people………..(Attn:Mukul Joshi)
Taking pleasure n pride in doing so.

But as he teaches “Inverse Kinematics”
Gravid with all Std-2 mathematics
Feels like breaking his jaw
Cutting his tongue, cropping his hair
Slitting his throat, burning his moustache.

I write these lines
In memory of the times when u just don’t “Fit In”
I have wasted two hours…. (n still counting) sitting here
But invested 15 mins in jotting this piece

Am glad that I survived the severe hannibalistic urges.

I was myself. Sustained.

Fuck You. Fuck this. FUCK ALL!!


Written at 1130 hrs I room 117 block VI(ice block for NSITians’) . I mean com on people, this is not what I am supposed to be doing 70 days from today when I start working in MNC’s.gimme a break .I need one n I guess everyone else needs one.

This fatso chipmunk (I should not name him now after all this adulations!) tries hard to pronounce “eleven”-says L .A.1!!

Shakespeare must be suffocating yaar! He flashes this 2 page write up from his pocket and starts dictating something that even he doesn’t understand,

Oh puhleeeezzzz! we are not bonded labors .Are we supposed to do without our senses n come to class senile? Whatever - Its not that we are against studying-its just that I don’t take this way of teaching. why cant teachers be Like Dr.Dinesh (the only TEACHER in NSIT…even he has retired now!).

Why is there a lack of human touch to it?

Why is it so dictating, why so shameless, why so mechanical?

Neways-as my first love puts it

We don’t need no education.

Today I understand what he meant by Education. Thanks NSIT.


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