Friday, April 15, 2005

NSIT : Students Manual

There are all kinds of people in this world….especially quite a variety in our college itself.

We have numerous experiences….almost all rewarding in there very special way.

We have some great faculty in here…..who teach you many things besides books…..(okay okay almost all of them and always BEYOND books !).

We have no short of a Mughal garden which are perfect refuge to our over-enthused love birds.

We hav it all….welcome to NSIT.

….(on welcoming ppl to NSIT only one name crops in my head….Proff. Bhatia. He is a Great Host. Let the placement season come n you will hav a taste of it too!).

The Holy Journey starts the very day you were smart enuff to prove ur smartness in a test which has it roots buried in ancient Mughal history (that’s where our gardens hail from). Three flat hours is what decided ur entire life!. Look what you hav done ,and you are beyond the point of no return now.

Just out from school you are fresh n gullible. It acts as the perfect feeding grounds for the predators….read seniors…..but all are veggies. They maintain that unofficial LOC.

U join, have yourself administered sumptuous doses of “Informal Introduction” and try soaking in things pretty fast. The fact that you did a mistake willingly and now you are being made to pay for the same has already made you half of an engineer. The orientation session lasts for varying time spans-depending upon the kind of a person you are… see it’s a critical process down here. The seniors have a job and they take it seriously. They feel like the docs in an Operation Theater with “Hey fuchha,Intro?” as scalpels and “What’s ur PCM?” as cotton and freshers as patients!

They generally make quite well an operation but when it fails, it’s even better-the patients are discharged soon if they don’t interest the docs…without medication. But the one’s who are treated for there ailments, they are always thankful. But only when it shows its good effects after you pass out.

Sulking or sulking you make it through some how……cauz you have the perks of Fuccha parties- Hostel parties- Resonanz and Moksha which off late have become quite rocking….and CHEAP too!. You also learn the subtle difference between TEPA,TEPO and TOPO.(for those who have not got it figured as yet ask any hosteller).you thank god that it’s getting over and your prayers get heard as you can’t stop time.

Then comes the Second yr .Everything starts to look second hand already (don’t take it literally….I just wrote it too rhyme!) .You start seeing your seniors in a new light of self acquired admiration or condemnation as the case may be …..but yes the days of Intros are over .If you are lucky to have given your intro to a bunch of people you have succeeded. If you have not, you cant help…its too late now. you are out of the School-Skirt and Tie Syndrome and entered a school of sorts. Its more learning beyond books now…Canteen is ur class room, the Admin building is ur Lecture theater, the Fountain is ur Lab and the GH road is ur last mile to Singledom. God bless who tread them.

U start enjoying the things n feel happy to be here….(dnt worry that feeling is here to stay till the time you get a suppli!).you dnt wrk hard on studies,u get a bit cool with things,start flowing with the flow.U learn the fine art of proxies and Mass bunks….oh they help you a lot. For hostellers it’s a reincarnation of types-u are allowed to step into seniors rooms without notice and surprisingly get welcomed.All night Thass become more of a rule than an exception….it’s frequency increases exponentially during xamz.

Thass is the biggest most Fatal effect of hostel life but definitely the hugest charm too.

Then there are DP’s which I am gladly sidelining at this point….(I am not supposed to let the secrets out of BH1 ….like an honest resident).its a nice feeling to let the college settle inside u. all of us make any rumor of “holiday” as a fact .we all jump at the slightest hint of a holiday the next day and make it happen even if there wasn’t one.i am still not clear about a few “Official” holidays….Phoolwalon ki sair…..(why aren’t there Mess waalon ki sair,Horticulture waalon ki sair……or even NSIT’ians ki sair?).the other is Prabhu Ramdas ki janamtithi….then Ambedkar jayanti n then navratra/raam good point about being confused regarding them is that it depicts the secular nature of our college.they need to think every year again n again…n decide for or soon as u fiure them out…plz temme.

There was this one thong that happened in the Yr 2004.Mr.Sunil Bharti Mittal….(for the uninitiated …call him the “AirTel man”) wanted to play cupid for a change.he got NSIT a CUG offer…that was well thought indeed n we all were too happy to thank him for this.the Affairs Vs Students graph started rising as if it aint stopping any more.some ppl used it for “Thass” while others for playing Computer games online…..n a few also ingenuously thought of keeping the call on hold n go to sleep!

All thru the second year….you wish it got stuck in an Infinite DO Loop.but you c ,we are engineers n Bugs are NOT allowed .hence,as soon as its debugged ,third Yr dawns.

This is called the Transition year.You are no more a new comer from any possible angle n are more responsible now….(or at least try to be).you have two years of juniors to take care off. as the honeymoon period is over,u take serious view of the falling percentile more seriously than falling this year is a bit tough too ,u become bit serious.

Initially in 5th sem, you are all ears in class-all eyes in Lab n all brains in exams. For a change these things appeal. Feels good to rediscover that you can study hard too whenever you want.

That’s wht engg is all about-putting “critical”effort at the critical time n all is sham.

In the subsequent sem,the entire batch falls in love with the deadly combo of Proff.Bhatia and Rawat Sir.u know you are mean…..thats wht brings you there in the T&P Deptt every week end. They also get to some serious work then and you start seeing a new u. Many things crop up at the same time-CAT…(I havnt still figured it out wht the hysteria is all about!), JOB-PLACEMENTS and for the “dedicated few”…..-“Com on ,we have time left…its till not 8.30!”.Kudos to them.

But yes we all take these concerns seriously cauz you don’t kid at this age. You start slogging again.u refrain from Moksha and Resonanz ….(I mean organinsing it….and for some even comin to it!).and above all you become more sagacious n smart.finally the engg course is settling in. good……u are on Placebos!

The summer vacs that follow are pretty weird. Not hols actually. most of them hunt for training…go a few days and com back to square one.Then the rest study Tannenbaum and K&R for more adventurous reasons than learning…cauz they are big names.holding them makes you feel look professional and slick. And the rest of the herd…..all of them yield to the herd factor n start belling the CAT.

Now you are serious, matured and a thinker.

(for a few they become a husband or a wife as the case may be…….look thats what that road does to u!. How on earth can the administration be so neglective of road safety. Put up a road sign reading ---“Couples Ahead-Drive Fast” ).

First week of next August, you are in Final yr. The name itself makes you think before speaking, laughing or even looking at anyone-unlike all the previous yr.The mad rat race for jobs starts and you end up being one of the mice.u know who the pauper is….he does a good job. Students formulate a million rules to ensure fair Job distribution….but they fall slack as soon as a company comes.You are haggling for the latest schedule of arrivals of companies,the course to be studied to befool the interviewers. but one fine day,you get a call for an Intru and you cruise thru it .Easily .Your entire education stands summarized in a few questions but not necessarily a few answers. Not to mention, the feeling of getting a job in the first company is truly great.its like a century in your debut, like an acceptance for you very first proposal, like a shot in the sky which hits the shooting star. But yes let me quote D.A.K. mam here “Getting the students placed is not college’s liability. It has made you able enough that you don’t go scurrying for Jobs. Its a favor and please don’t take it for granted.”. She is right. She is always.

Good! Now we have a job at our dispense. we have an elated-self-opinion depending on the Company which hunted u. any way, these lines fade away soon and soon you step in to final semester.The last semester,the last mid sem,the last endsem,and the last viva…..(not talking about aspiring ME’s and MBA’s).it all becomes gripping. Students look at you n soliloquize “array yaar!let them enjoy…just a few days left.”u fell like an Terminally ill Alzheimer’s patient who has not yet given up.u just breathe in and out.

You start looking at everything with a fine sense of appreciation.u like the classrooms,the benches,the teachers,the labs et all.suddenly you fall in love with NSIT again.but this time its more natural n true.u try holding back moments n look back time n again.u have indeed com a long way.its relaxing.the last sem is truly a special time.

But then you become a bit sentimental.u find yourself haggling for space on the GH road n trying stop time……some of them do…...the rest leave the times.

You have the farewell parties waiting for u,to finish it all in one single night party.

The party begins on the terrace,u are adequately blessed by the Lord Bacchus himself and its flash back time.u recall it all.say it aloud in front of the ppl you love n infront of the juniors who look up to u.u call it a lifetime in four yrs.

But then just before leaving……u sit n wish nothing moved.n to top it all…..u start penning crap as the one you are reading right now. Finally,in retrospect,this college teaches you which no one else would….its not always books-

u were yourself all the way.It made you stand tall, feel all n and forgive the small.

It taught you to sustain.

In the words of John Lennon

“You say yes, I say no.
You say stop and I say go go go, oh no.
You say goodbye and I say hello
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.”

Thanks Netaji.

Feel free to post ur comments if u hav something to adds.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Rajesh Hemnani said...

o-sum post....but the sad part is tht we have to leave this place to fall in love with it


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Rohit Anand said...

Kye re tu mere ko senti kar raha hai....
I hate leaving this place even tho i am not a "legal" hosteler...a psuedo very much so
fk DP's :P
mein Kerala mein mar jaoonga ...
koi TCS aa jaye :)
baaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bhai Bhatt

This is probably the 100th time I am reading this article and trust me it still gives me gooz bumps(if thats how u spell it)

Bahut hi Sahi.....

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the best articles i have ever read ..this guy is a gem.and proud to say he is my friend

At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Goel said...

Bhai aaj fir college ki yaad dila di...I wonder why i did not read this post earlier...But surely got really senti reading this post...nothing I think could have summed up our days of NSIT better...

At 7:46 AM, Anonymous sid tiwari said...

hmmmm....yaar those were the best days of my life...i saw myself moving along the though i was the main protagonist....thanks bhatt uve made me realized what ive lost and what i stand to gain being an NSITian....salute the spirit of being there bone that

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Mayank Gupta said...

Quite nostalgic.. great piece..


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