Friday, September 30, 2005


Most of us only know of the place Pondicherry....but my last weekends trip to the place,revealed many new things which i wasn't expecting at all.
Its about a small international(i mean it!) city called Auroville.Its a great place to retire to ....damn calm n cool.
U need to speak Tamil( #%%^&*^&*) or french or English here and u shall have no of us actually brushed up his french tuitions here...:)
What amazes u here is not the city n its people...but the vision of the lady who saw all of this.
Its impossible to even think of something so huge n magnanimous! Just look at the original map above....yeah its a city!Hats off to the lady!

The best part is....its near Pondy...hence CHEEEEEEEEEEP BOOZE.So hic hic hurray!
Had a good time with all...but missed my huddle gang in delhi.
Papas' n Mummys' of thou shall go n fall in love with place .
Enuff of ravin bout it....for any thing more follow the link.


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