Saturday, January 07, 2006


i know somewhere,
there's a home for me
to i go sans all ego
there's a home for me
not very far...but i cant see.
though have started walking
late if i be, wait there my lil' dream.

i know someone,
will rest his faith in me
believe--will all he do
then i shall stand,
and take him along.
he'll be my soul.
let him come to me God.

i know someday,
the sun shall rise on my pillow
burn my vice, and my shallow
then it shall shine in the noon
it'll take a few moments though.
release me please.
let me go.

i know somehow,
i will fly away
above the needs and the guilt
above the human and the err
she will lay me calm,
calm as an unborn.
i will smile.
feel your soul in me.

i am coming...


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