Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Balls of Heaven

Things do happen by accident Mr.Goodyear discovering the Vulcanisation!Something same happened to me but on different lines.
Indeed it was an accident but a good one.I learnt to COOK!...ya thats cooking :O
and this is how it unfolded before me...

This June in a shady lil' town called Durgapur-all my folks came down....xcept my bhaiya n bhabhi. We were at our "Pariwarik" best!! And there is this holy snack called "The Cheese Balls" (mind the THE in adds value to it and makes it seem like a killer broth!) which only a particular chef in our club can make and i don't know why it has been not replicated any where else!

All were very keen to have it as its no less than a ritual-if you are there in Durgapur Club...u must have it!
As we had a "Baraat Size' family had only 1 car (ALTO:i wonder why people call it the family where even cose!...he he he ) to ferry the 'baraat'...
i had to hire the chef to come down to my place and cook it for our huge Family....!!
i offered him a chauffeur...(read self) driven pick up and drop too..!

All was set...i bought eggs,cheese,flour and cooking soda at the Masters order-like an obedient assistant to him!but then it had to happen just like the hindi movies...he dint show up.
All were indeed pissed on HIM but i was the one they took it out upon.
"You don't have reliable contacts..."(since he happens to be my friend and hence obliged to come to my place for the sake our friendship!!..guess he went back home and made a Keema of the Friendship)
"You cant trust tailors and cooks to be on time ever" came from an experienced mom...and made me feel happy since i am an engineer.!( khi khi khi)
anyway...i had to listen to the call of the hour!
I hit the kitchen....:O assisted by my 2 sisters.They were all too keen as my eldest sis...Asha tried to make them a day before and had "Fried-Salted-Flour balls" as cheese balls!.But she managed convince all thats this is the Cheese ball they love to save her Reputation!LOL.
She did a solemn confession after poeple tasted mine....(what a show off i am !)

Equipped with an Enggineering mind...i simply applied Reverse enginnering to the recipe since i remembered how it tastes.....

*The recipe is protected by Intellectual Property Commission*

....and then came out of the hot 'kadhai'...golden coloured-very fluffy-simply melt-in-mouth cheese balls! PHEW!
They were not in a good shape as the FIFA balls...but were a bit disfigured!..but i had DUE my liberties!
So finally The Da Vinci Code of the reciepe stood de coded...and i am the Robert Langdon!
My cooking skills were recognised and my parents gave a second thought to my perennial plea of staying a bachelor!
We had a really good time having it...and i savored the smiles more than the balls.....(sounds so disgusting if put this way....LOL)
Now get a head people...i am not gonna write about the entire path of the cheese balls from the salivating gluttonous mouth to the EXIT gate....chi chi.go get hold of some good food....and if u the blog again!


At 11:58 PM, Blogger Abhishek said...

i wonder what hell was i doing here (probably discussing english weather with clietn) when guys were having Cheese Balls, that even in dgp......

good one maja aa gaya

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous krithika said...

dude thats good.m zapped .. guys have such amazing cullinary skills lol! thts is so coooooooooool!!!!


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