Monday, May 26, 2008

Bhatt Vs Bhatt

Q.What all has changed since you last logged in here?

A.Well quite a lot. (I almost feel uninvited here...aptly so...that's the blogs name after all).

I have become institutionalised to the extent i could not believe.I ma talking all kinds of institutions here-work,college,personal commitments and of course the system of democracy.

I am on my own-a lot more now.

Have exchanged Delhi with London, royal challenge with Jack Daniels and yaar with mate.

Have bid adieu to my singledom (which i did which long back but now i confess it)

Have become more organised and finicky.

Exchanged rock music with dance music.....some people almost got annoyed by it ,but yeah they also enjoyed it at times.Chinku GEEBEE any comments?

Thats about it.

Q.Do you think you have been a stupid fuck to effect the changes above?

A.No.I learnt more about myself and others.there is nothing better than reinventing yourself.Till now,i dint know that i could be lonesome in London,broke even with a million sitting in INR,sad after 5 pegs and to top it, love more people more easily.

Its is much better to make mistakes than to witness them.



Yes, I should have written this blog earlier. Should have learnt how to cook from my mom before boarding the Jet airways flight on 6th Feb 2008.Should have learnt a bit more of statistics. Should have punched a few people on their fckin’ face and kissed a few more people more often.

Q. What the fuck are you trying to convey with this fckin’ stupid shit piece blog?

A. That I am bored to death right now on 10.51 pm,26th May,London.

Inspired by Rahul Banerjee AGAIN to write some shit .So go and fucking blame him.


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Amwan said...

26th May was Monday, when you wrote this bit. Start of the

At 6:04 AM, Blogger ashu said...

yeah...dekho shuruat hi aisi can imagine the rest..


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